A Poem

Not being much of a fisherman
I can only imagine how it feels
to land that trophy bass or muskie.
This morning is the poet’s jackpot-
the motherlode.

A full moon sinking behind western snowcapped mountains
A great howling wind bending trees, breaking branches,
rearranging deck furniture, carrying early spring warmth
to melt…

A Poem

I recall scattering his ashes illegally
by the shady embankment of a small stream
on the Santa Clara reservation-
a remote and pretty enough spot,
still perhaps an unflattering tribute
to the long, intriguing
and somewhat troubling life
of my late father-in-law

A struggling, busy, and hectic time for us

Alan Henley

Alan Henley (a.k.a. Imur) is author of “Being a Human Being”. He is a pharmacist, writer, poet, channel of light and perpetual student of Love and Life.

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